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NEW! ECOstyle products

ECOstyle: 100% natural gardening

Perhaps you have already heard of the ecologically responsible products of ECOstyle. The great thing about these products is that they all have the purpose to restore and maintain the natural balance of soil, plant and animal. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful garden much longer.

Control weeds and algae naturally

With a beautiful garden we mean a garden in which practically live no weeds and where diseases and pests are a thing of the past. Under the condition this is achieved in a completely natural way; without harming surrounding plants or animals.

If your garden contains a lot of weeds, you probably want it gone. It looks unkempt and it seems like you have not paid attention to your garden for a long time. The same applies to algae on the garage path or terrace, it detracts from the rest of your garden and house.

Of course it is possible to use cleaning vinegar to rid the tiles of algae and/or weeds. The problem disappears rideaway. Unfortunately, it will result in acidified soil and groundwater. Vinegar is also very harmful for beneficial insects and surrounding plants or hedges that you would like to keep green and flowering. By such an approach, your garden will be rather less than more beautiful.

The least harmful solution is a pesticide consisting of natural acids. This solution effectively kills weeds and algae and then breaks down within a few days to prevent the soil life from being disrupted. The spray or the concentrated pesticide Ultima Weed & Moss from ECOstyle is a very suitable option. Ultima combats both weeds and moss and not only tackles the weeds above ground but also the root system. Within 3 hours you already have a visible result.

Insect control with natural enemies

In addition to the stubborn, recurring weeds, there are also various ecologically sound solutions against diseases and pests. For example, think of the six most common garden pests: snails, ants, lice, larvae weevil, grubs and buckets. You fight this easily and effectively yourself by using natural enemies, including nematodes and larvae of ladybirds (adalia). So your garden problem will be quickly dissolved in a nature-friendly way!

Other methods are the use of powder or spray, for example against ants. Also useful is the pest & haze spray of ECOstyle if you suffer a lot from pest insects (woodlice, flies, wasps and silverfish).

Protect your home & garden with Ultrasonic Pest Control

Do you need a solution against unwanted animals in and around the house? In that case, take a look at the possibilities that Ultrasonic Pest Control can offer you.

The electrical appliances in this series drive away mice, rats, mosquitoes, spiders, moles, cats and dogs. Every scavenger is so well attuned to the sound frequency of a specific animal species, that animals prefer to leave the environment in which the device is located as quickly as possible. The varying frequency prevents resistance. In addition, some devices, such as the mice & rat expeller, also release electromagnetic pulses that deter the vermin from gnawing or moving alongside cables.

Install Ultrasonic Pest Control in the rooms you want to protect. The exterminators can be used as pesticides and as a preventive measure, both individually and in combination. As soon as you put the plug in the socket, the system works immediately around the clock.

Are you already convinced of the above solutions? We do!

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