Lawn mowing


A beautiful healthy lawn is regularly mown and does not contain bare spots, weeds and moss.

Mow your lawn and promote quality in this way. By mowing you stimulate the growth of fine grasses that eventually grow into a full and thick grass mat.

  • A manual mower or (electric) lawn mower;
  • A grass edger or trimmer.

Why is mowing important?

If grass becomes too long, less light will reach the ground, causing the gras mat to thinning and discolouring. Soon bare spots are formed and more and more weeds and moss appear and the grass gradually disappears. Mowing the lawn promotes the quality of every lawn. In addition, you prevent the above ailments.

When and how often is mowing required?

Your lawn will look neat if you mow it regularly. Depending on the weather, you can start mowing in March. Choose a dry day so the grass does not stick to your machine. It is important not to cut the grass too short for the first few times. Keep the length at 5 or 6 cm. Then the grass can be mowed at 3 or 4 cm. If you cut the grass very short right away, you may damage it too much. Your lawn will not only look bald, but also moss and weeds are more likely to grow. If you leave the grass too long, it will look shabby, gravy grass species gain the upper hand and you are more likely to have moss.

Mowing once every two weeks is sufficient, but does your grass grow fast and will it quickly become 4 cm again, then it is better to mow once a week. In autumn it is not necessary to mow that often. Due to the lower temperature the grass grows less quickly during that period and in winter it even stops growing.

A hand mower or electric lawn mower?

There are many different lawn mowers in circulation, such as a cage mower and rotary mower. Which mower suits you depends on the surface of your lawn, whether there is an power connection in the area and how much fun you have in it. We recommend only using a hand mower if you have a small lawn. You will get a nice result, but it does require a lot of strength. An advantage is that the hand mower does not make any noise.

Do you have an power connection near your lawn? Then go for an electric mower! This rotary mower makes little to no noise and has in most cases a collection bag so you do not have to rake afterwards. If you have a large lawn, then a petrol-powered mower may be something for you. This mower has more power and there is no restriction of a cord. However, a petrol mower needs more maintenance.

A battery mower has both the advantages of an electric mower and a petrol mower. It makes little noise, has a great capacity and you have the freedom to move. The battery life may be a limitation, but it does not have to be if you install an extra battery.

How do I make the edges of my lawn look good?

To keep the separation between the lawn and the rest of the garden nice and tight, you can trim the sides after mowing. For example wit a lawn cutter, but there are also special lawn edgers that allow you to straighten the edges without bending. Or you can use an electric grass trimmer. For a well-kept lawn we recommend you to cut the edges 2 or 3 times a year.