NEVE Cool box

Ideal for on the road & on holiday

A cool box - or frigobox as the Belgians call it - is indispensable during hot days at the campsite. It keeps your food and drinks cool, even during the hottest weather conditions.

The electric variant can be connected to the mains power. Not only useful during a camping holiday, but also at home as a supplement to the refrigerator. In addition, there are also electric coolers specifically for the car. To keep your drinks cool during a long drive, use a car cooler with a car charger or plug connection. And at the beach, or during a picnic, is a cool box with cooling elements or insulation very suitable. This kind of cool boxes are portable and thereby easy to move.

Cold snacks and drinks on the beach

You probably know the classic cool box to take to the beach or a picnic in the park. Previously these were the only cool boxes that existed. Place it in the shade and your snacks and/or drinks stay cool for some time. A warm day is obviously not conducive to cooling. Every time the lid goes off, warm air comes in. With the help of cold products and multiple cooling elements, this cooler keeps itself cool. The advantage is that you do not need electricity and this type of cooler is relatively cheap. However, the products do not stay cool all day in warm weather.

Cool box for on the go

Are you looking for a cool box for in the car? Or perhaps for during your work as a truck driver? In that case, an electric 12 volt cooler is the right choice. You can easily connect this to the cigarette lighter.

With a 12-volt refrigerator on the go, you have cool food and drinks all day long. Perfect during a road trip and if you regularly make long journeys. You can also connect a 12v coolbox to the mains supply. Therefor you need an inverter from 12v to 230v. So you can not only use your electric cooler as a car cooler, but also in the boat, camper, truck and even holiday homes.

Cooling at the campsite

Of course you also want to be able to cook during camping. For this you need at least some cookware, a stove and a gas can. But how do you keep your food cool while you are at the campsite? With a thermoelectric cooler, you no longer need cooling elements. Moreover, you are assured that everything you put in will stay cool.

If you want more cooling capacity or if you find the thermoelectric coolers too small, choose a compressor cooler. With a cooling capacity between +10 °C and -18 °C, these do not subside for household refrigerators. The only difference is that these coolers are much more mobile.

Have you made a decision yet? Perhaps the classic cool box or one of NEVE's electric coolers is the right cooler for you. Take a look at our webshop for de product specifications.