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Aptus, BAC & CANNA

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The importance of (quality) plant nutrition is sometimes underestimated. And that while qualitative food can significantly extend the life of your plant. Thanks to the nutrition, plants not only last longer, but they also look better. The flowers become brighter in color, plants develop more flower buds, the leaves are greener and growth is stimulated. In addition, plant nutrition increases the resistance.

Once the soil in which your plants are standing is used up, you can supplement the nutrients with plant nutrition. After doing so you are assured of exuberant flowering and a strong plant that is resistant to diseases and pests.

Are you already familiar with the brands Aptus, BAC and CANNA? Read more about these high-quality producers below and what effects the nutrients may have on your plants.

Aptus plant nutrition

Plant care from Aptus is one of the top segments in professional agriculture and horticulture. The qualitative products ensure visible results; Aptus plant fertilizer does not consist of basic NPK substances, but is highly concentrated. Aptus is a good choice when you want to professionally grow your own crops.

The best thing is that the plant food of Aptus is 100% organic. This means that no chemical fertilizers have been added and you can grow in a safe and biologically responsible way. Also not unimportant: plants are better able to absorb active substances from natural sources than chemical active substances.

Aptus combines as many active substances as possible per product in order to guarantee a broad operation. They investigate which substances have a stimulating effect on a specific plant function and then make an appropriate mix. This distinguishes them from competing products that often contain only one active substance and therefore also have a more limited effect. Moreover, when using active ingredients of high quality, only low doses are necessary as they can be absorbed immediately.

BAC plant nutrition

BAC stands for Biological Actived Cocktail. As the name suggests, BAC focuses on organic cultivation. BAC is a specialist in the field of plant nutrition, stimulators, plant enhancers and organic manure.

The flowering and growth fertilizers are aimed at guaranteeing a maximum yield of very good quality. By using BAC nutrition the positive micro-organisms are fed, they start to multiply rapidly and ensure the immediate availability of the necessary elements for your crop. BAC nutrition has been specially developed to meet all the needs of your crop.

The organic product line of BAC is also very suitable for inexperienced growers, it is even the simplest breeding method because it is not necessary to measure the EC values and PH values.

CANNA plant nutrition

The expertise of CANNA comes from their dedication to popular plant species and has led to various specializations. Each specialization has a customized recipe and/or chedule and is substantiated with extensive product information, articles and research. With the aim: to offer support to the grower for a qualitative end result.

The special thing is that CANNA does all the development, production, distribution and service related to plant nutrition itself. In this way they keep control in their own hands and can guarantee the quality.
CANNA also has a sustainable supply line, namely BIOCANNA. These fertilizers are 100% natural, contain no animal residual products and are specially developed for soil cultivation. The composition of the product is fully tailored to the needs of the plant. An additional advantage is that the product cannot contain animal organisms, such as influenza viruses (bird flu, for example) that can be harmful to the health.