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Trinatech Fans

Buy a fan?

After ice-cream, a fan provides you the necessary cooling on hot days. At Trinacria we already cannot work without fans this beautiful, but glowing hot summer. Prevent sleepless nights and unproductive days and spend the summer with the help of a refreshing breeze.

At our webshop you can go for a floor fan, standing fan, clip or table fan, box ventilator and wall fan with remote control.

Keep your head cool with one or more Trinatech fans!

Our fans

The most powerful fan in the Trinatech series is the chrome floor fan with a diameter of 30 to 45 cm. Thanks to its metal rotor blades and powerful 40 to 100 watt motor with 3 positions, this fan moves more air than a comparable standing fan or table fan. This makes it ideal for larger spaces.

The Trinatech standing fan has a fan blade of 40cm, is height-adjustable, has an on and off switchable swivel function and can both blow up and down. The speed is adjustable in 3 positions. The large rotor blades move a lot of air without making much noise and with a low consumption of only a maximum 40 watts.

A small clip and table fan can be placed on or at the table and you can easily determine the direction of the blow yourself. The energy-efficient and very silent fan has a diameter of 15 cm, is equipped with 2 positions and consumes a maximum of 11 watts.

Ideal for small spaces, is the box ventilator. This fan can blow both left and right and has 3 speed settings. In addition, the rotating disc at the front can also be expanded so that the box fan blows to a fixed position. A nice extra is the timer which can be set to 120 minutes.

The wall fan is low-noise and also suitable for large rooms. Very handy is that this fan can also be operated remotely with the included remote control. In addition, the fan has a metal front with an impact-resistant plastic grille at the rear and a chemical-resistant polypropylene propeller. It can swivel 90 degrees or be locked in a stationary position.